Benalmadena is a lively coastal town situated west of Malaga and Torremolinos. Its extensive sandy beaches, impressive choices of amenities for children and adults alike, long coastal promenades and park zones, has made Benalmadena on of the most desirable places on the Costa del Sol to live all year round or own holiday home.

Benalmadena is located a mere 20 minutes away from Malaga International Airport. Benalmadena is divided into several districts – Arroyo de La Miel, Benalmadena Costa ( which includes areas like Torrequebrada, Torremuelle), and the white washed village of Benalmadena Pueblo.

Benalmadena Costa – Beach

The central coastal part of Benalmadena enjoys extensive promenades along the beach where you will find lots of local and international cuisine restaurants and tapas bars. This promenade leads you into the jewel of Benalmadena – Puerto Marina. This fabulous lively port is full of life and all sorts of entertainments. It is not hard to see why this gorgeous marina has been named best marina in the world by some nautical magazines. Its architectural design has been influenced by Arabic, Indian and Andalusian construction styles and where apartment buildings merge with the sea. Those properties have become famous in their own right. Benalmadena Puerto Marina also boasts a selection of great night clubs, disco bars, water sports entertainment, as well as water trips and boat rentals. This is the perfect place to experience life in Spain while overlooking the floating boats in the harbour.

Benalmadena Puerto Marina

Arroyo de La Miel is another area of Benalmadena Costa. This is where you will find many entertainment options for families – Tivoli World, Sea Life Aquarium, Dolphin watching, Selwo Marina, Paloma Park, Teleferico ( the cable car that goes all the way up to the mountain Calamorro). Arroyo de La Miel has a train station that connects it with Malaga ( airport or central Malaga) and Fuengirola.

Benalmadena Pueblo is a white washed village on the mountain within 10 minutes drive from Arroyo de La Miel and Benalmadena Costa. It is one of the must visit places in Benalmadena. Just next to the village there is the Castillo Monumento Colomares, a castle-style monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America, the Benalmádena Stupa, a large Buddhist temple with large spectacular Mirador, Butterfly Park.

Benalmadena Costa goes all the way along the coast up till Fuengirola. That includes the area called Torrequebrada which is adjacent to one of the oldest golf courses in Benalmadena – Torrequebrada Golf. This area includes more small golf courses that will be enjoyable to play for beginners – Bil Bil Golf, Benalmadena Golf. In Torrequebrada you will find some fabulous restaurants and beach bars along the coasts, as well as big supermarkets as Mercadona, small cafeterias, several schools and colleges.

Benalmadena – Torrequebrada Golf

How to get to Benalmadena?

There are several ways to get to Benalmadena from Malaga Airport. One of the easiest is to take a train that goes directly from Malaga and stops in several districts of Benalmadena – Arroyo de La Miel, Torremuelle, Carvajal ( on the edge with Fuengirola). These trains are going frequntly and the only easier way is to get a taxi.

In general the infrastructure of Benalmadena is very good. There are several buses that go along the coast connecting Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Torremolinos with all parts of Andalucia and Spain for that matter. Buses that go from Arroyo de La Miel centre up to the mountain to Benalmadena Village.

Buying a holiday rental properties in Benalmadena.

Benalmadena and Torremolinos are two of the most visited cities on the Costa del Sol. This is due in part due to the proximity to the airport, advanced infrastruture, availability of train lines, and array of activities. During the summer the city if packed and hotels are overbooked. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase an apartment to rent out short term, we recommend you to take a look at some spectacular investment options in Benalmadena. The most popular rental properties in Benalmadena are located around Paloma Park ( e.g. Benal Beach, Pueblo Evita) and further east along the coast including area of Puerto Marina ( e.g. Tamarindos). You can not go wrong with having 1 bedroom apartment or a studio in such location as it will be popular in summer and throughout the winter.

Benalmadena – Complex Benal Beach

Buying a holiday home in Benalmadena

Thanks to its location and diversity, in Benalmadena there are any types of properties where you will be happy to live year arround or come for vacation. The central parts of Benalmadena boasts very active social life, whereas other parts as Torrequebrada, Torremuelle and outskits of Benalmadena Village offer you more quiet location, sometimes with spectacular sea views. It is totally up to you to decide what lifestyle fits you the best, but one thing we can guarantee is that in Benalmadena has much too offer to the most selective buyers.

Buying new property in Benalmadena

There are few new developments in Benalmadena area. As Benalmadena has started to be developed back in 70-e, there are not much land left to built new properties in this area. Some new developments in the area boast amazing sea views and beautiful contemporary designs, and due to the scarcity of land, the demand for those types of properties is huge.

New development in Benalmadena right next to the beach

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Benalmadena Costa – Panormic view of Puerto Marina and Arroyo de La Miel

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