The Real estate market on the Costa del Sol and in Marbella is heating up. There is no doubt that now is a great time to sell your property. Nevertheless, there are some listings which stay on the market for quite a while and make people wonder – is the real estate market in Marbella as good as everyone says?

Yes, it is as good as everyone says, in fact even better. The property prices are rising, the demand is very high, and most of the buyers do not require mortgages and have a budget of more than 250.000 euros. So why is your house still not sold? Below we give some examples and recommendations on how to sell:

1. People are ready to spend their money to buy a beautiful apartment or a villa on the Costa del Sol, but no one is ready to purchase an overpriced property. How to solve it? Ask your real estate agent to do research for you to check what the asking prices are in the same location, with similar characteristics. A square meter price is usually calculated. Make sure your property is fairly priced according to the market and neighbourhood. We also advise to leave a little in the price for negotiations.

2. This point closely relates with the first point. As a vendor in Spain you have costs associated with the sale, namely plus valia and possibly profit taxes. We strongly recommend talking with your solicitor who can help you to calculate these costs prior.

3. Most buyers make a decision about what they think of a particular property within the first 10 seconds. Of course, things such as location, proximity to the beach or/and amenities do factor in, however there are other factors that have a lot of value. When you enter someones house, things such as smell, feel and cleanliness make an immediate impact. How to solve it? Very easy! Make sure your place is clean, windows are open to let in fresh air or put some scented candles on, and that no spiders are looking at you from the ceilings.

4. It is a time to fix everything that needs to fixed. Make sure your house is in working order as potential buyers will always look at those details. In case your house will go for sale unfurnished, give it a fresh paint so it looks well taken care of.

5. As a proud property owner in Spain, you need to make sure that the paperwork for your apartment is in order – check if you are up to date with community fees, local taxes, and basura. All these points may sound insignificant but it reflects you as a serious vendor.

So, now when you have fairly priced your property, made sure it is well presented and prepared all the paperwork – Why is it still not sold?

There is no ideal property in the world that would fit everyone. However, there are many people for whom your property is an ideal match. Our job as your real estate agent is to find those people and bring them to see your property. Choosing a real estate agent to sell your house is as choosing an agent who will help you buy a property. Having vast experience with both – selling and buying – we at Alpha Estates Marbella know what distinguishes us from other real estate agents on the Costa del Sol. We offer without question – A Personalized Approach, Innovative Marketing, and Imagination.

So, how does Alpha Estates Marbella differ from other real estate agents when it comes to selling your home on the Costa del Sol?

1. Personalized approach.

We do not have a huge portfolio of direct listings from vendors. Some other real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol have way more listings than us. However, to get more listings is not our aim, our aim is to help you sell your home. Quality not Quantity.

2. Innovative marketing.

In order to find the right customer for your house, we need to reach out to the right people. But every house we get listed is unique, therefore for every listing we get we prepare a tailor made marketing strategy. That includes everything from email marketing strategies and a strategic approach to portal management.

3. Imagination.

Our experience has taught us, the essential key to selling a property in Spain is good professional photographs and soul. We work with imagination and present your property in the best way possible, trying to give it a personality.

Whether you are looking to sell your property on the Costa del Sol, or need an advice/assistance regarding real estate in Marbella, get in touch with our expert team today. We are at Alpha Estates Marbella are always there to help, and we do not just help to sell and buy properties, we value personal relationships and make friends too.

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